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2010 Event Dancing
​The Miss P foundation was established in Oxford in 2009 and we promote the Arts to children who are denied access because of social or economic barriers.

​We work with a number of community groups, individuals and organisations to produce artistic platforms that will inspire and promote personal, social and educational development amongst young people. Our goal is to offer financial assistance towards both full time and part time art education. We also accept applications for part time art project and/or experiences. ​

How do we achieve our goals?

  • We run Summer School projects based on the creation of new art work developed and performed by the young people. 

  • We organise music workshops to create opportunities for young people to compose and perform their own work. These workshops are then followed by fundraising music events.

  • We form links with local schools to promote the arts and our mentorship programmes. 

  • We fundraise: The ‘Miss P fundraiser’ is an annual fundraising event that involves performers of ever ilk coming together to raise funds for the Arts.

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