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Portia Harry - Miss P Foundation Testimonal

When I first got accepted into Urdang I had conflicted feelings; filled with excitement, yet anxious about how on earth this extortionate 3 years are going to be affordable! 


As my course wasn’t a degree I was unable to get any type of funding from anywhere and it was proving to be even more difficult than I had anticipated. Then my mum, along with my godmother and a few family members came up with the Miss P Foundation to raise money for myself and others in the same situation so we could go on and train/study in the place of our choice with a bit of financial ease. 


Since the start of the charity in 2009, many young people have received help in order to go off and turn their passion into a profession. Urdang pushed me far beyond my limits and made me the performer I never knew I could be, and they couldn’t have better prepared me for the big wide world. I’ve since been privileged enough to work as a successful singer, actress and dancer both in the west end and internationally since I graduated in 2012 and a lot of that has to do with the help of the Miss P Foundation. 


When people ask me “what would you like to do?” I feel lucky enough to tell them I’m already doing it. 


Thanks to everyone at Miss P for all their support over the years. I hope more people get to pursue their dreams in the future

- Portia harry

Malique Henry Testimonal - The Miss P Foundation

‘I have taken part in the Miss P foundation summer school from the beginning in 1990 when it was only a handful of kids, now it has over 50 kids each summer.  I would like to say a massive thank you for your financial contribution , it really did make a huge difference to towards my first year at Bird College’.

Maliq Henry

Alice O'Connor Testimonal - The Miss P Foundation

I am extremely grateful to have received the grant from Miss P. It has really helped me to complete the first year considering the costs of uniform, college fees etc and during this year I have received first class training in so many aspects of the performing arts and gained an amazing insight into the profession that I would never have been able to have without the help of the Miss P foundation.

- Alice O'Connor

Miss P is an incredible foundation which provides so many people with a platform to succeed in the Arts and fulfil great experiences. I feel so grateful for the support that I have gained from Miss P to help towards making one of my dreams come true. I always aimed to spend time training in America once I had finished University however, I never would have imagined that the first opportunity I had to visit America would be to go and represent my country! Without Miss P, attending The Hip Hop International World Championships would have been difficult as I had a money to find in a short period of time whilst still studying and training in London - I did not physically have much time to fundraise of such large funds for the trip. I am so incredibly grateful to have gained sponsorship for my trip and hope to do Miss P and the whole of #TEAMGB proud!

- Tia Denton

Kyron Anthony Testimonal Miss P Foundation

Since receiving the grant from the Miss P Foundation it has helped me financially and allows me to have full focus on my degree BA (Hons) Dance: Urban Practice and not stress about financial support.

- Kyron anthony

Ethan Hussain Tesimonal Miss P Foundation

Thank you so much for your help! That's great news and such a weight lifted off my shoulders! 
You've helped me out once again and I really can't thank you enough!!


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